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Best solution for the visually impaired*.

*Based on patients tests conducted in Poland, Slovenia and Malta.


Visually impaired people often describe their perception of the world as „seeing through the fog.” At Holoroad, we understand their needs so the heart of our system is the Holo_App application, which we designed so that the algorithm recognizes the objects around the user and highlights their edges and helps users to identify objects.


Holo_Set is developed for active people who want to have comprehensive solutions that work in many situations. You can forget about wearing several devices, as the set has improved functionality of the electronic magnifier. In addition to the loupes, thanks to the VR technology, you can put on your head and enjoy free hands!


Holoroad provides an amazing opportunity to choose a system that is constantly evolving, and at the same time does not force subsequent payments after each new version. Imagine a car that receives a new suspension, steering wheel and rims while driving, or a washing machine that eliminates the fault itself. With the set of Holo_Set, you get new functionalities constantly, from month to month!


Holo_Set is a medical device designed to compensate for the effects of eye diseases, improve self-confidence, independence and quality of life of the visually impaired.

Using augmented reality and the mobile application Holo_Set allows to see more as compared with the naked eye.

The whole set consists of virtual reality glasses, a remote control and an application that is loaded onto the smartphone. After installation, the smartphone is inserted into the glasses, and the remote control the application functions.

Holo_SET Features

All functions that we have built in the Holo_App application are developed together with users and the medical environment. YOU can also influence the future of the system – all you need to do is become a user.

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Text detection and filling the letters allows the user to display a high-contrast image that fills the letters so that the user can use the Holo_App as a replacement for the reading magnifier.


Users or have the ability to transfer the image from the application in real time to another device – this allows observation of settings and allows support of the guardians in their editing.


Built-in, independent of the operating system used by the user (Android and iOS), the voice messaging feature allows the user to control the Holo_App application without having to read the function names.


The magnifying glass function in Holo_App is available in all modes, thanks to which the user can observe different types of objects and contents at a distance. The function is also useful when adjusting the size of the image to the user’s field of view.


Application is developed in completely cross platform environment allowing it to be installed on iOS and Android mobile phones and compatible devices.


Users can control the color settings of the displayed content in such a way as to adapt them to the type of disease or preferences.


Users can control the width settings of the displayed edges in such a way as to adapt them to the type of illness or the space in which they are located.


Application supports multiple languages including English , German and Polish with tutorial guiding through settings and functions.


Special School and Educational Center for Children and Youth – L. Braille in Bydgoszcz


As part of rehabilitation program using Holo_Set sets, young people attending the Bydgoszcz facility are  able to use Holo_SET during rehabilitation.


During the preliminary tests at school, children declared improvement of vision after the first test of glasses and expressed their willingness to use them during classes.


Mr. Tomek is one of the users of our glasses who uses them using his own smartphone running on iOS.


Mr. Tomek did not have to buy a new device – he uses his smartphone with the Holo_App application installed!


Holo_App application with is already available for both iOS and Android devices.

 Holo_Set statistics*

* Statistics based on preliminary medical tests, of a technical nature on a selected group of patients. Results based on  anonymous surveys gathered from users during tests with our  ophthalmologists team in 2018.

Users see improvement

Improvement range

Field of view

Our Team

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Magda Derebecka

Chief Medical Officer

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